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The shortest distance to career happiness... through a job winning resume. So we've written the most useful advice on the internet to help ensure you're holding a job winning resume.

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  • Job Resume got its foot in its mouth? Former recruiter shares the Top 10 Kisses of Death, classic mistakes in resume writing. Free 5-minute report.
  • Resume formats make or break resumes. Chronological Format or Functional? Each carries baggage. Our former recruiter sorts it all out.
  • Your Resume Objective is the critical first step in getting the attention of the hiring official. Here’s pro advice to give you a fighting chance.
  • A Winning Resume survives the screening process and makes it to the desk of the hiring official. Here’s a Top 10 Checklist to get the job done.
  • Company information and credentials. We’ve tapped experts in the field of resume writing to share their insights and provide direction.
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